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People are beginning to pay attention to us.

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  • People are beginning to pay attention to us.

    It looks like we are going to have to put more information on the forum as guests are beginning to come on in ever increasing numbers. We are not really ready to go out to the world at large just yet and of those people who are registered, some small number have been invited and the rest have found us by accident. We have a bit more work to do to get the forum categories fully operational but the number of guests now hovering around us seems to be increasing daily so I suppose we must move the site on quicker than we first anticipated. Speaking with our Admin team I am told that there will be more page improvements to the guest areas in the next few days and we have some additions to the internal categories to roll out in the near future when we finish a couple of projects off. We intend to grow the forum into an informative must visit site for timeshare users and this will mean that guest views will increase accordingly. The forums are for timeshare users to air their views and discuss timeshare activities both from the perspective of us the users but also to discuss and keep up to date with developer events as they unfold. This year will, we believe, be a pivotal year in the world of timeshare and will be the making or breaking of some companies. Pressures are being brought to bear on timeshare not just here in the UK and Europe but in America and South Africa and we feel that it is important that "he who pays the piper" has a say in the destiny of the holiday experiences that they have bought into. We may only have a small voice at the moment but it is better than having no voice at all or a voice controlled by the developers.