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What would you like to see in the ideal timeshare product?

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  • What would you like to see in the ideal timeshare product?

    Back in the eighties some folks bought timeshare because this was a legacy they could leave their children. 'Holidays of a lifetime for a lifetime'

    Knowing what we know now what would have been your ideal timeshare product?

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    That's a hard question I walked away from the sales office in a daze I had been hijacked and sold a product I did not want the more I SAID NO more sales staff came from higher up the pecking order after about 6 hrs of being escorted to the toilet or for smoke I was ill( I am a type 1 diabetic) and was desperate to get my medication, .By the time I got back to the UK it was to late to do anything about it . So what would have been my ideal timeshare product.? when I think about it would have been one that I actually wanted plus that much overused word customer service.
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      I would like to see a more flexible product. One that can be evolved positively with us users not feeling that we are being constantly railroaded into products with too much negativity connected to the use of them. Customers needs and considerations should be seriously taken into account by inviting users to participate in discussions and negotiations and their ideas, views and concerns given due and proper consideration.
      The need is for knowledgeable consumers to be invited to attend Think Tanks etc. and not have the usual "your concerns have been noted" trotted out.
      We don`t want them noted. We want them acted upon in a consumer centric and positive manner.


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        If Mavo,s ideas were accepted buyers could be happy that they had bought a product that they wanted instead of being sold a product that simple gave the salesman a large paypacket
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          The problem is that at present there is little enthusiasm from the major developers to create a fair deal for their members as they have got so used to years and years of greed. They also have huge greedy sales operations to feed and so conceding ground to their customers is something that they are trying to avoid at all costs. What they do not realise yet is that it is all over and the fightback is now beginning. It is now costing them dearly for contracts signed under duress or contracts that have since been declared as illegal. It can be sorted out but they have to cut their losses, lick their wounds and do something positive in order to win back consumer confidence. The problem will not be solved by sitting on their hands in their ivory towers. They need to converse with their customers and until they do so they will continue to go backwards.


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            Mavo is right but the fight back wont come from most developers its not just lack of enthusiasm most simply don't know how. The fight back can start from a gathering of disenchanted consumers that grow in size and voice. They support the good guys and only then will we see a change take place as developers see those that give value and they earn fair profit.
            There are those that are happy to support and help contribute to any developer that is open to change regardless of their past - if they make amends and and want to positively move forward.
            Folks now need flexible products and thats not necessarily short term products. If they knew that they could have products that they could exit this would be a contributing factor. Those products would then have value and we would be able to kick start the secondary market.

            Keith mentioned customer services - most have no idea that this needs to resonate through out the company starting from those that are part of the initial consumer contact - perhaps thats an initially enquiry at reception - the cleaning staff - gardner's right up to the CEO. Sometimes just a warm friendly smile in reception makes all the difference. Most don't even know how to construct a website that conveys the right message.

            You have to put yourself in the consumers shoes and walk a mile with them to get an idea of what they want and the mutual respect everyone deserves and then we can start to wake a sleeping giant.
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              Latest topic on the USA timeshare website TUG in view of ever increasing charges and confusing products IS IT STILL WORTH OWNING A TIMESHARE Looks like the problem is just as bad in the US.

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            The problem appears to be even worse in the USA than it is over here in Europe. It is alleged that the FBI are investigating thousands of cases of miss-selling over there under the name of "white collar crime" so it is not just a case of civil actions taking place but the powerful FBI is also taking more than a passing interest in the activities of pressure selling at the front end of timeshare.

            On another note. Most timeshare is still good value for money if used correctly. Some of it has got out of hand re the maintenance fees but that is a minority and it is used as scare tactic by scammers. Last year scammers were cold calling Diamond customers and telling them that the annual maintenance fees were going to rise by 14 % in the November just gone. This was to induce them into a bait and switch practice of hard sell, using products such as Leisure Credits. What happened? The maintenance fees stayed exactly the same as the previous year. The Leisure Credits sellers are now awaiting sentence by the Crown Court and it is said elsewhere that there will soon be more scammers joining them when complex fraud investigations are completed.
            I have done a recent survey into Hotel costs as opposed to timeshare costs for holiday accommodation and timeshare works out at less than half the price in the 5 hotels that I randomly picked. I also have the holiday brochure of a well known airline at the side of me and looking at their prices for this year it is at least costing double the price of a week in timeshare. £1400 -£1600 per couple in a 3 /4 star hotel with basic rooms, hiring kettles, irons, and other such things. I stay for a week in Spain in a "quality as standard" timeshare apartment with everything provided and including flights it costs me a maximum of £700 per couple. So make no mistake timeshare is still exceptional value. It does admittedly have its faults but they can be put right. "Where there is a will there is a way" but it looks like we consumers will have to show them the way once they have created the will out of the necessity to survive.


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              I am in 50/50 position on this timeshare can great value and provide great holidays but if you did not want to buy a timeshare in the first place .Plus exchange .. company's own agendas or when you need to sell your timeshare because of old age or ill health r unable (the timeshare for multiple of reasons .
              There is no one prepared to help ( its your problem and keep paying) is the developers only response then exceptional value seems to go out of the window
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                As you so rightly say Keith if using the timeshare is out of the question then it does not matter whether it is exceptional value or not when compare with hotels or package holidays. If it cannot be used then it becomes nothing more than a burden to the owner. In that case it would be much better off in the hands somebody else. That then becomes the current problem facing many older, ill or infirm users who are unable to continue to use their ownership of timeshare products. The developers have become more inflexible because if they are to take the products back they are unlikely to sell them again as their former dubious selling practices have finally caught up with them and their reputations are currently shot.
                The second problem is that there are so many scammers now involved in the resale industry that it becomes a matter of "who do we trust" This coupled with the fact that the crop of legitimate resellers are basically just going through the motions of selling and are charging what appears to be excessive advertising fees for doing what seems to be very little by way of promoting any sales.


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                  Once again I find myself agreeing like others on this site i live in hope that things will one day get better but there are many people who I have seen on other sites who come along full of hope. As someone who has made the trip I feel that I can add a little balance as it will be a long journey.
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                    Now I have found the edit button maybe there will be less Typos


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                      Originally posted by KEITH HURST View Post
                      Now I have found the edit button maybe there will be less Typos
                      No problem Keith. New systems take a little time to get used to and this forum is probably slightly different to other forums that you have posted on. It is very early days in its evolution so we expect a few hiccups here and there.
                      Meanwhile. Thank you for your valued input.


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                        happy to be on board a site that has ethics in its dna