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    This is from Timesharetalk does anyone know new owner there have been a lot of posts last couple of days one by Stephan Boyd who I thought would be well banned from site
    Dear all

    Having taken possession of the site, it was my duty to try and clear up some of the background operations stifling which involved deleting many old and none existent members, link miners and a variety of incoming members spreading hate. The work now concluded, hopefully, will serve the sites optimization and make your experience a better one.
    The site is free, and everyone can use it on the understanding that they discuss timeshare related issues whether good or bad. To fund the site, we will be introducing and permitting advertisements which hopefully will generate money, to fund the sites antifinance costs.

    The site continues to attract well over a million hits each year so, advertisers will have a bespoke and target audience, should they wish to take up the advertising space. The advertisements are nonrestrictive but are limited.

    At present the advertising slots are in the “Ezblock package matrix” and you will be required to construct your own advertisements within the pixilated frame paid for and provided.

    This is a free-spirited site whereby moderation hopefully will be kept to an absolute minimum. As many timeshare issues do exist, have spilt over onto other forums, we find those other forums are moderated unfairly whereby the representations of the good bloggers are taken down in fear of action. This hopefully will not happen to often here. We will publish your UK rights, so please read them and know what you can and cannot say.

    As a foreword to any internet comments, you might consider adding into the statement that “it’s your opinion”, “your experience” or a “belief you have come to”. Simple changes

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    I have just tried to get into Timesharetalk with my old username and password and can get in without using proxy ip address


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      Private Message sent Brian


        KEITH HURST commented
        Editing a comment
        I tried but i dtd not exist ( correction ) I can now but after being banned without a reason given and being put back on site again without being given a reason cuts no ice with me and I can see no reason why I would want to use it. I AM HAPPY WERE I AM
        Last edited by KEITH HURST; 09-03-2018, 11:59 AM.