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  • Customer Services

    What for you are top 3 pet hates that you have experienced or are aware of in customer services in timeshare that needs to be addressed?

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    Im going to reverse the question what is essential in customer services for me.

    It makes all the difference if your greeted at reception with a friendly smile because even if there is a delay or an issue making human contact in a genuine way makes all the difference. I have found this to the way at a number of resorts. Some provided refreshments if there was a long queue.

    Room service I have been amazed at some resorts if I have requested something. I have to give a shout out to Orange Lake here. My son not once but twice played with the safe and we could not access this. No sooner had I put down the phone and a member of staff was there. Were talking less than a minute!

    We have to consider resorts that cater for children to have experienced staff in a children's club is a god send! I have to say that Orange Lake, Dona lola - Marriott's Cypress Harbour and Auchrannie country Club are resorts that we have found to be exceptional for children. Were trying to get through them all ;-)


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      1) I will put you on to my colleague who knows a bit more about it.
      (This is short for we need to discuss how the hell we can talk our way out of this one)

      2) Just one moment while I put you on hold.
      (This is also short for we need to discuss how the hell we can talk our way out of this one)

      3) We will have to get back to you.
      Has anybody guessed what this third one means yet??

      Well you are wrong!
      It actually means we are going to need more time to talk our way out of this one.


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        I have found Customer Services at the resort end to be fantastic. They care, they go the extra mile and usually nothing is too much trouble for them. It is Customer Services at the end of a telephone where the problem lies and unfortunately that is at the corporate end of the chain which is usually as far as we mere timeshare users are allowed to venture. So Customer Services at the corporate end is inhabited by what I term Deflectors. These are people who are trained to prevent consumers from reaching the decision makers because decision makers have got so far up the ladder that they find it demeaning to have to do that part of their job, which is to make decisions. So the solution is to employ a team of deflectors and call it Customer Services.
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