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Disability – preparing resorts for disabled owners and guests

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  • Disability – preparing resorts for disabled owners and guests

    Compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act can appear to be a daunting task with possible huge financial implications for the Independent Owner Controlled Resorts.

    The aging membership brings with it disabilities and mobility issues and for owners to know that they are visiting and owning at resorts that are compliant gives them the added confidence not only to visit but to continue with their ownerships, safe in the knowledge that their needs are being addressed.

    Conformance may not be as difficult or financially daunting as imagined if a source of information could be tapped into.

    It may be that as the forum grows then we may attract members who have had experience of dealing with The DDA and may be prepared to pass on that experience for the benefit of disabled timeshare users and resort developers.

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    That would be a great help for those who have mobility problems there are many RCI sites mainly in Europe were the discription is very interesting until you reach the line that says not suitable for people with mobility problems.
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      One thing I think that resorts could do is to have higher recliner loungers for people like me who cannot get off of the low ones unless someone gives me a hand


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        The forum will have an article soon about disability and how this can be managed when selecting a holiday.

        On another matter I note that UKRE has weeks on rental highly discounted in the Easter period in the UK on a farm with some lovely cottages in the Lake district. The weeks cater for those that have mobility challenges. The weeks are from April 7th and are substantially reduced if purchased via UKRE https://lakedistrictdisabledholidays.co.uk/


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          When the disabilities directive was brought in a number of years ago (around 10 years I think) It was very difficult for developers from a financial point of view as the costs of compliance were very disproportional.
          What it meant was allocating around 25% of maintenance budgets in order to create compliance which was at that time benefitting, at a guess, only around 5% or less of the members.
          Obviously with the aging memberships and the difficulty that some elderly members have in relinquishing then the figure of 5% or less with mobility issues must have risen.
          Counter this with those who are permitted to leave, having reached the age of 75 and in reality it must still be a rising number of members with mobility issues. One reason of course is that although the ability to allow consumers to leave at age 75 is mandatory for RDO membership developers we have to understand that RDO represents less than 7% of developers. So the majority of timeshare users are not availed of the RDO agreement.
          In conclusion the work towards compliance has been slow given the constraints of budgets and the increase in demand meaning that more and more apartments have had to be adapted.