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    Has anyone got an update on the MacDonald's class action and the civil cases in Spain?
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    Not heard anything new about the cases in Spain. They are said to be taking place later in the summer. (if we ever get a summer)
    Rumour is that there is something afoot in the UK.
    It seems to be a bit hush hush though. Not sure if it is MacDonalds keeping quiet or the members.
    With a track record like they have they will probably be trying to foist more unwanted changes on their poor members.
    At least they won`t have the assistance of *Hairy Taylor this time.

    *You have to guess whether it is a typing error or not.


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      Now that`s not very nice Ollie but I do catch your drift. He did assist in that alleged stealth move by using the "good name" of TATOC to participate in the "groundbreaking" constitutional changes, which some are now allegedly challenging as not groundbreaking but law breaking!
      Incidentally. H Taylor did not consult the TATOC board before participating in those roadshows. He participated having made a unilateral decision to do so and he was not intending to avail his board of the proposed constitutional changes at Macdonalds even as late as the 26th of the month, even though voting by Macdonalds members was due to begin on the 30th.
      Opinions have been expressed in fairly high places that this was somewhat irregular and some say "it smacks of having been railroaded through."
      It is my opinion that had the situation not been reported elsewhere then Harry Taylor would not have told his board of the role he played in this controversial episode until well after the constitutional changes had taken place.


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        Originally posted by Ollie View Post
        Rumour is that there is something afoot in the UK.
        It seems to be a bit hush hush though. Not sure if it is MacDonalds keeping quiet or the members.
        I have heard the suggestion that certain authorities are taking more than a passing interest in this situation.
        Not sure who the authorities are though. Maybe it is CMA or Trading Standards or even Action Fraud?
        I would love to know as I joined this forum hoping to get some information on this as I think it is unfair that we are expected to shell out huge sums to rid ourselves of this shabby shambles.
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          Perhaps people have been warned not to say anything as it may prejudice certain activities.
          I remember one instance where talking let the cat out of the bag and the people being investigated were able to cover their tracks and avoid legal activities which were due to commence against them.


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            I am aware that MacDonald members have other options beyond what has transpired in their defence as it has been a disappointing run of play so far. At least Macdonald members do have another choice.
            It is without a doubt wrong in my opinion that a change of constitution of some magnitude was forced upon them without having any real chance to deliberate its content 'supported' by the TATOC board who beyond Harry Taylor had not even seen it days before decisions were due to be made!

            The owners had a contract that stated quite clearly what folks owned. Some specifically chose an apartment for mobility issues. In my eyes it was a breach of contract as a contract was made and terms agreed but what do I know I'm not a lawyer.

            I wonder how much business McDonalds and other lenders have lost when it becomes known that they threaten their loyal members with the courts. Regardless of their health and maturity - it came across as let's squeeze what we can. Hows that for PR?

            There was one resort in the UK that had on its notice board cheap weeks for sale on another board it was threatening owners that did not pay its maintenance! Guess what they did not make many sales


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              Not much chance of them getting including on our good guys listing then ?
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                Originally posted by KEITH HURST View Post
                Not much chance of them getting including on our good guys listing then ?
                Maybe Admin will get an email from one Harry Taylor with a reference for them and asking for them to be considered for a post in the Good Guys section?
                They may have already got the request and are considering it as we speak.


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