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Why Timeshare with Children?

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  • Why Timeshare with Children?

    This breaks down to 5 main areas
    1. Because the parents can have a less stressful holiday!
    2. A timeshare apartment brings extra space - with children that can make all the difference!
    3. A full kitchen provides the opportunity for the family to make substantial savings on food bills. Also it reduces the chances of just having those unhealthy last minute fast food choices.
    4. There are resorts that specifically cater for children. To know that you have facilities that will cater for your children can only add value to your holiday time together.
    5. You will cut your holiday costs dramatically with a little planning.
    Let me expand upon this as I have had most types of holidays with a growing family and timeshare beats the rest hands down. Take for example your typical hotel room. It is not much fun with a growing family in one hotel room. I only had to turn my back and it felt within a short period of time my two little loving children with a vivid imagination had destroyed our hotel room.

    We also found that with no self-catering available in a hotel room and eating out every day in the restaurants was very expensive. Also young children have a limited attention span. We find that with young children you have about 40-50mins in a restaurant and that is about it before they get a little cranky and then it's time to move on!
    We are looking for restaurants that have entertainment there for young children, like a play pen so mum and dad can finish their meal without getting indigestion! Eating out is fine a couple of times a week but every day a couple of times is expensive and has to be planned as you don’t want to end up in a fast food chain!!

    We have had the fully inclusive holidays where we felt obligated to get back most times for meal times. The kids would try to over indulge in the puddings. Overall there’s a danger of also putting on some serious weight.

    Timeshare apartments
    Timeshare apartments are genuinely spacious and can have an extra bedroom and bathrooms to suit our needs. Parents need a holiday too!! If there is anything we need with children it's space!

    Timeshare resorts can be personalised so you can request a resort that can suit the family. There are numerous resorts with onsite activities geared towards the entire family. Rather than a city-break with children you would generally request a resort situated near family fun hotspots like theme, water parks and beaches.
    A timeshare apartment enables you to access a full kitchen. We personally save a small fortune by cooking most meals at our new timeshare home or prepare picnic food to take with us.

    Dinning out is then a special occasion and to be looked forward too with a little planning and this is done via the Internet so we can plan ahead.
    We have found that the ONLY way to make holidays with kids enjoyable is to have a separate bedroom and a kitchen in the apartment.

    By PLANNING AHEAD, you will have a great time with your kids and that is the most important thing. That’s not just planning the resort but we also book ahead and plan some events and shows before we even leave.

    Timeshare owner benefits for families can be numerous and lasting. You can create some great lasting fun times that your children and you will cherish and look back with fond memories as adults.

    I have always recommended buying a week in the country you reside at a time to suit you. Then it can be just a tank of petrol away.
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