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How to reduce your timeshare costs?

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  • How to reduce your timeshare costs?

    Consider a Bi-annual ownership that's alternative year’s ownership at a resort. Some resorts allow this and I notice from time to time bi-annual weeks for sale in the resale market.

    For those who are considering timeshare ownership for the first time and are able to take advantage of bonus weeks Bi-annual ownership is a worthy consideration. By joining Independent Exchange Companies simply request areas that you would wish to holiday via bonus weeks.

    Bi annual only requires maintenance to be paid every second year! This allows you to deposit your week every two years if you decide not to use it and exchange for a week elsewhere.

    However, you can take as many bonus weeks as you and your family can take advantage of. I know of one timeshare owner who did just that and took 14 holidays just with bonus weeks over 2 years. This was also mainly UK holidays but not in prime time.