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Solo holidays

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  • Solo holidays

    This is a growing market that the timeshare market in general let down with few exceptions. There is no excuse as solo travellers can be recognised by the timeshare resort when their bookings come in.

    I have known of single people who have talked themselves out of a holiday. I can understand how someone may feel like this especially if they have only recently become single. Timeshare resorts can quite easily do a little homework and provide solo travellers with suggestions of places to visit that may be suitable.

    Why not get them involved straight away. This is just an idea that would need a little preparation why not reward some of your regular owners to a buffet (perhaps a draw from a hat - contact them asap to ensure attendance) don't make this a sales meeting! A member of staff or on reception would be great. This is where you invite the solo travellers so they can mingle with regulars. This would make them feel very welcome mixing with members. Chat can also be steered where to go and visit and your members can do most of the talking. We want to encourage them to feel comfortable and we want them to come back!

    If no one has got anything to add I will put forward some more thoughts a little later.
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    Some timeshare companies and timeshare type companies have Solo or Singles clubs. but the unofficial ones created by the members themselves seem to be more successful. Diamond have an official club, or did do, they also have an unofficial club too. Holiday Property Bonds have a singles club and they do seem to have the ability to split it into regions so that people living close by can meet up unofficially. No doubt those run independently are more popular given the reputation of timeshare for taking financial advantage of situations wherever possible. I suppose that it leads to a lack of trust in the official ones, even if they are worthwhile. But that is, I feel, a developer problem not a membership one.
    One distinct advantage of timeshare is of course that there is no single supplement charge, as opposed to package holidays which can be very costly for the lone traveler.


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      I believe you get a better chance to get the environment right with timeshare apartments, with that home from home feeling. In my opinion there’s a more community feel at timeshare resorts as there will be owners returning that are regulars. Some have remarked that they have a more secure feeling at a timeshare resort. Timeshare allows you to settle into your apartment and enjoy the extra space. This is a real contrast to a hotel room that generally just has a bedroom and bathroom, you feel you just have to get out and do something, anything!

      Plan ahead with some ideas to consider below.

      • If you wish and you want some catch up - there maybe, some friends or family who would not mind taking some time out in a lovely apartment.

      • However, if this is YOU time. Then you can really indulge yourself fully on a solo holiday.

      • What’s your ideal location and resort style? Do you want culture, beach, peacefully time out or adventure for example?

      • Transportation that’s getting there and back and getting around. What about local transport?

      • Resort questions, type of entertainment, restaurants or what could they recommend locally. Do they have a ‘Welcome meeting’?

      Planning ahead can make all the difference.


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        Planning a solo holiday could make all the difference -

        • Google search the local area for what’s on. Join Groupon, they operate out of 48 countries, see if they’re established in the area you wish to holiday. They will have some great deals and discounts on places to visit and attractions.

        • After Googling you should have a list of places to go. Plan then book ahead - whatever appeals.

        • Now you`ve got a list of where to go, do a little more research. What to see, festival, theatre, craft shows, and a meal with entertainment? The list goes on. Dare to do something different.

        • Have you ever considered creating a journal? Get that camera out create a hobby around your holiday. Take up bird watching or join a group while on holiday or a short course. Think of an interest or hobby that you would like to try or develop further and check out to see if they got anything going on in the area you are visiting.

        • Treat yourself review the area is there something that appeals? It could even be a simple massage and why not you’re on holiday.