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site unsafe

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  • site unsafe

    I have tried four different browsers and they are all coming up site insecure and advise not to open this is the message I am getting The website’s security certificate is not yet valid or has expired.
    Last edited by mavo; 28-02-2020, 08:35 AM.

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    Yes sorry about that, I had the expiry date of the sites certificate noted as the 17th not the 7th.
    All updated and fixed now.


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      I am getting this message when trying to enter site The website’s security certificate is not yet valid or has expired.


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        Seems to be fixed now, I am not getting the security warnings any more


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          I am getting the message again


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            It seems that some certificate discouraging hackers expires every 3 months and needs renewing. All done now and we will try to remember at the beginning of January 2019.

            We could do with some news around timeshare but it seems that Brexit is taking everyones interest at the moment. The only news I have seen recently is about Steve Cloobeck the fromer DRI Chairman. His consultancy agreement with Apollo came to an end in June /July but he is now back within the business at DRI.

            "Just saw this tweet from Mr Cloobeck:"

            "I’m so happy to be back involved with @diamondresorts @DiamondCareers my legacy as the founder of one of the greatest hospitality brands in the world. Stay tuned. You have the greatest leader @TheVacationDR I believe in the future of this great company."

            The above passage was posted on facebook by Lisa Ann Shreier on 7th Oct


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              It needs renewing again


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                I visited 3 other sites this morning in the search for any timeshare news.
                RDO website showed, not secure.
                Timeshare talk showed, not secure.
                Timeshare Consumers Association, showed secure (it shows padlock)

                *This forum also shows padlock so is secure.


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                  I am not sure if anybody else has noticed that timesharetalk gets very few guests at the moment and very few members log on. Only 2 or 3 a day at the moment seem to view or access it whereas on here you always have lots of guests accessing this forum.

                  You watch a flurry of activity on there now I have posted this.


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                    Yes I have just had a nosey round here and there are 30 people looking at the moment. Some may be bots and google sites but it seems to be always busy and being viewed and read by someone. It goes a bit quieter in the evenings but there seems to be an average of over 20 on for most of the day.