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  • One mans opinion.

    The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
    Are the good guys necessarily all good and therefore the bad guys all bad?
    The answer in my opinion in both cases is No as it depends in what context we are talking. If selling dreams that never materialise then YES the baddies are bad. If selling dreams by embellishing the truth and the dreams turn into reality and consumers get great value and great holiday experiences from their purchases despite being told falsehoods then is the timeshare journey really so bad?
    When I first bought my timeshare points I was told it was not timeshare (but I knew it was)
    I was told that the company would buy back the points if I ever wanted to sell (I knew that they would not)
    I was told I could holiday “martini style” Any place any time anywhere. (I knew that I could not)
    So why on earth did I purchase if I knew I was being told a pack of lies?
    The answer is simple. I knew despite the lies, that what I was purchasing was actually good value and it would force me off my butt and make me take decent holidays instead of the make do holidays and risks of disappointments that come with package holidays.
    I have had many fantastic holidays with timeshare and they remain the best leisure purchase I have ever made. Are they perfect? The answer is no but they are far better than what I used to call holidays with the poor food and accommodation experiences of package deals.

    All in all some of the so called bad guys are not all bad and it is just a matter of sorting out what is best for you and in order to do so you need as much researched information as possible so that you can choose something suitable for your lifestyle and financial budgets.

    Timeshare will get even better for consumers or it will perish and die and I firmly believe that if it is to get better then the change and rebirth will come about via legislation. The primary sale of timeshare will become harder to sell because of the consumer knowledge gained via the internet. The harder it becomes to sell the more lies will be told by desperate, commission only, sellers thus compounding on the negative publicity and finally creating the need for the legislators to step in and force the cleaning up of timeshare sales which will then result in the many real bad guys who sell just dreams and nothing more disappearing as they will no longer have a marketplace.
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    The problems with and the cure of the timeshare industry . Well said