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European Resale Companies

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  • European Resale Companies

    Resale companies - The Industry created a need for this service and so the Resales Companies were born. If the resorts don’t have an effective resale’s operation they need to work with Resales companies. However, resorts should be seeking out new ideas on how their members can be best promoted

    Resorts and owners need to be aware that there are companies that offer timeshare resale ads for an upfront fee and don’t take an active role in selling timeshares.

    There are some Companies that are just a listing service with some promoting many weeks and even hundreds of weeks from some resorts.

    How is that going to support your own resort sales?

    What first impressions does this give of your resort to existing members and prospective members if they see lots of weeks listed from your resort on pages and pages?

    This is the same as reviewing property details at an estate agent. Once you drive down the road to check out the property you notice that every 2nd 3rd and 4th house is up for sale. Would you now buy that property?

    So why should it be any different if your resort is displayed on a long list with a Resale Company? Would you buy a week from that Resale Company displaying lots of weeks from one resort?

    Resorts either need to work with Resale Companies or go back to the drawing board if they want to move forward and they need to rethink their own resale strategy.

    1) Most Resale Companies charge a listing fee. Then usually earn a further commission or a set fee on the sell

    2) The owner though has no real chance of selling if they are part of a long list of fellow owners as this long list will make the resort look problematic.

    3) This will reduce the resorts stock value if it shows that there are a large number of owners wishing to sell on the Internet.

    We need a win-win scenario Resale Companies can promote weeks from a resort that has a high number of owners wishing to leave without just having a long list! This can be done with a little thought.

    Resale Companies promoting long lists of weeks on this basis does no one any favours and fuels further negativity towards the Industry as a whole.

    There needs to be a fresh look in my opinion of the secondary market.

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    Have you ever thought of going into the resale market Charlie 1 ? your ideas could bring you lots of customers it makes a change from the bullshit and downright lies the resale industry tell us,


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      I have to agree with Charlie 1 on this and looking at the odds of selling using the current resellers marketing systems it does not look at all promising to me and reading comments on various sites about the sale of no longer wanted timeshares, the successful sales seem to be few and far between and as Charlie 1 points out, those reasons are fairly obvious as the set up of many resellers is totally counter productive to achieving anything more than the occasional sale.
      Some even allege that the marketing systems seem to be set up not to achieve actual sales but to obtain their major profits from getting sellers to advertise for as long as possible.
      There must be a better way than what is currently on offer and surely it would be in the best interests of developers to get new blood in rather than those who wish to leave and thus resent paying their annual maintenance fees.