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Update on Court Situations

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  • Update on Court Situations

    Currently there is little information on the progress of prosecutions in a couple of court cases.
    Both are centred around the scamming of timeshare consumers and in both separate cases the defendants have pleaded guilty to some charges, though in one case not all charges.
    One concerns an individual who already had a suspended sentence hanging over them.
    The other seems to be guilty pleas to only two charges out of the twenty nine alleged offences committed.
    Both cases are considered to be so serious that they are being conducted in the Crown Courts.
    One in Bournemouth and one in Birmingham.

    It is indicated that news on both these cases is very imminent.

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    Well it now looks as if in one of the above cases the defendants are messing the courts about by possibly withdrawing their guilty pleas and submitting that their legal counsel was unable to attend Mondays anticipated sentencing.
    Normally the courts do not take too kindly to being messed about.
    Which could mean that the defendants may eventually find themselves with a little extra time to do in the pokey for their trouble.

    In the other case it is reported that one of the people pleading guilty to 3 counts of fraud Francis (Frank) Madden was jailed for 3 years and 4 months.