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Can we join other Independent Exchange Companies outside of RCI and Interval

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  • Can we join other Independent Exchange Companies outside of RCI and Interval

    In most instances, yes. Check this out in your club rules or phone the Exchange Company you have an interest in most will know the answer to this.
    What system best suits you is really horses for courses as no one Exchange Company can suit everyone's holiday requirements. If you join other Independent Exchange Companies it is then up to you to decide who you deposit your week with.

    Some timeshare owners may join an Independent Exchange Company and hardly use them but feel it's a great addition. They may just use the bonus weeks. That's fine as it's all about just working the system to get the best return you can to maximise your holiday requirements.

    In general, these Independent Exchange Companies fees will be less for exchange purposes than RCI and Interval and they may not even charge an annual subscription. In my opinion it is value for money you should be looking for and I would much rather pay a little more and secure my dream holiday than save a little money.

    The big attraction is that the Independent Exchange Companies may be able to offer you different options for exchange purposes. They may even offer additional bonus week opportunities, which of course as you know bonus weeks don't require you to deposit your week.