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Timeshare is becoming more popular!

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  • Timeshare is becoming more popular!

    "Timeshare is becoming more popular.¬
    This has been stated on a recent blog elsewhere. However what the blog does not state is the real reasons it is becoming popular again.
    For instance it states that annual maintenance fee for a week of timeshare is around £1000.
    As a timeshare owner my experience tells me that this is basically incorrect and the £1000 figure is not the norm and that the average maintenance per week is somewhere between £750 and £500. Yes there are weeks costing £1000 per annum at some select resorts and with 2 and 3 bedroom accommodation but when we consider the usage available and divide the cost between the number of people the apartment can accommodate then even that above average cost of £1000 becomes exceptional value when being used by families or 4 to 6 adults.
    Another factor not mentioned is the fact that hotel accommodation abroad, particularly in Spain, has taken a huge hike in the past year resulting in cheap hotels now charging £1000 or more per person per week. If we accompany this with the possibility of dodgy food and hygiene standards at some hotels then we begin to understand why timeshare becomes particularly attractive given the financial constraints of these uncertain times.
    I am sure that others here will have a different take on this and that there are other pros and cons that they could add but for those of us who can see past the, sometimes, astonishingly poor corporate practices of timeshare companies then we see the real reasons that timeshare retains its popularity and it is simple the fact that it is very cost effective when compared with the high cost and uncertainties involved in hotel stays.