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  • Palm Oasis

    I have a timeshare at Palm Oasis since 1999, I have received a letter from a solicitor in Madrid informing me that I had been miss sold my week and under Spanish Law they could get my money back. Has anyone else been successful in claiming money back as I was at Palm Oasis last week and they told me the solicitors were fake. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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    If your contract is after 4th Jan 1999 and your maintenance is up to date you could take it to court as the contract is in perpuity the max is 50 years but if you just want to get out and your maintenance is up to date Palm Oasis has a system to get out of the contract phone them or write to them and they will send you details if you have your agm letter you will find some information there if you go the court way it is a long process do not pay anyone up front money if you want help there is a Spanish lawyer who is member of this forum he is in Las Palmas his contact details are http://www.correaguimera.com/


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      Thank you for your reply, I bought my timeshare in May 99, I’m fully up to date with my fees. I have spoken to Palm Oasis and they have offered me €900. I have all my paperwork and copies of my maintenance fees over this time but unsure of the best way to proceed. As I said I’ve been approached by some solicitors and Palm Oasis showed me some other letters from the same company but stated they are a fake company who change their name after 3 months, although I find that hard to believe. I think the best option may be to contact the lawyer you have recommended.


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        It is not a surprise that the company is scam company as anyone who phones or mails you must have got your details from someone how did they know that you had a timeshare Palm oasis would not given your details out if you want to get out quickly with a bit of cash take palm oasis offer but if want to know what is your best option get in touch with Javier he will give you initial advice for free


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          Thank you Lawnmower75! Yes, Ancient Mariner I can help you, send me an email if you wish and I’ll happy to do it. My email javier@correaguimera.com