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Worldwide events and their impact on Tourism and Timeshare

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  • Worldwide events and their impact on Tourism and Timeshare

    The affect of worldwide events does seem to impact dramatically on Tourism. Is this good or bad for timeshare in general I wonder?
    The terrorism in Egypt, Turkey. France, in particular Paris. England, In particular London and Manchester and other places around the world?
    Now of course we have the earthquake and aftershocks in Kos. What will be their impact on tourism elsewhere and in that I include the other numerous popular Greek islands?
    With regards to The Canary Islands the answer appears to be yes it does. Tourist bookings to these sunny islands are seeing a huge uptake and timeshare points users are finding that they have to place their bookings earlier and earlier in order to guarantee an apartment. Sometimes as far ahead as permissible. Diamond Resorts in Europe allow bookings to be placed 13 months before the holiday date. Thus some people are staying up at night and booking at midnight 13 months in advance to the day. Fixed weeks owners have no such problems of course as their week, is their week, year in and year out. So are they better to keep it like that or agree to switch to the more versatile points systems? (Switching at a fee of course.)
    How can timeshare react to how and where we are choosing to take our holidays if our destination decisions are based on these type of worldwide events?
    Does it really need to react and if so how?
    Does it even have the versatility to react?

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    It would appear that the Supreme Courts in the Canaries have, in their wisdom, reacted to events elsewhere and have insisted that "the powers that be" on the islands, review the laws on the letting of apartments in the historical tourism areas and those laws are now being rewritten in order to relax the rules and create greater availability. With that greater availability will come competition, which should drive the current costs of staying in a hotel back down to acceptable and attractive levels, as opposed to the take it or leave it ransom levels that they are currently asking.
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