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Banks to finally take action

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  • Banks to finally take action

    It has been stated that the banks are at last going to do something in order to prevent the fraudulent activities that many consumers are subjected to. It is yet unclear as to what steps the banks will take to safeguard consumers but it has been fairly obvious for some time that it should be possible for the banks to intercede and prevent known scammers from practicing by using banks to launder their ill-gotten gains.
    An obvious warning signal to any bank should be requests for bank transfers from consumers who hold credit or debit cards. Also many banks must know many scammers via applications for refunds from consumer complaints.

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    I read yesterday that the Daily Mail reports that some banks are already making plans to swerve round this new initiative and push the responsibility back to their customers. Given the reputation that some banks have earned for themselves during the last couple of decades... Why does this news not surprise me?


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      Then again the Daily Heil is not exactly an organ trusted when it comes to facts and factually honest reporting ....


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        It then becomes a case of "dip dip dip" for some bank customers as to who they believe.
        Time will tell as the banks so called initiatives are yet to get off the ground..

        Whilst we are on the subject of banks.
        I wonder when most banks will get round to passing on the interest rate rises of recent times?