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Thomas Cook says profits are down

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  • Thomas Cook says profits are down

    Profits are down at Thomas Cooks "because of the long hot British summer"
    It has nothing to do with Egyptian Hotels where people died or became ill. It also has nothing to do with the huge hike in hotel prices in the Canaries in the last couple of years. These price hikes seemingly coinciding with tragic events in other tourist destinations such as Egypt and Greece.
    Load of balony Thomas Cooks.. Come on, tell it as it is!

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    A sign of things to come? Thomas Cooks now gone of course.

    Well you do hear them first on here.

    It will not be the last as the coronavirus and the upcoming spat between The UK and The EU will both have an effect on tourism in the coming months.
    So watch this space for more news affecting the tourist industry. Will airlines scale back operations? Will there be more casualties (carriers,hotels,resorts, travel agents)


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      With coronavirus causing holiday makers being trapped in the hotel in Tenerife I was wondering if their holiday insurance will cover their extra stay and if the worst happens will it cover the medical expenses also will it still be in force as most people only take cover for the one or two weeks they plan to be there and what about there jobs and bills they have at home


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        You can bet that different insurers will be combing the fine print to see how they can avoid paying out.

        *** My household building and contents insurance becomes due for renewal at the end of this month. My renewal notice told me that they will be tripling the cost this year despite me never having made a claim.(no reason given for increase) I researched online and obtained identical insurance elsewhere for slightly less than I paid last year. Result is I have saved myself over £220.
        So check renewal notices on all your insurances, gas,electricity, mobile phone contracts etc. because loyalty does not pay in today`s world.


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          British Airways and Ryanair are now said to be cutting back on flights in April because bookings are down as people wait to see how it all pans out.