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Cold Calling- Why How and Who

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  • Cold Calling- Why How and Who

    Cold calling, whilst not illegal in itself, is regarded by many as a less than honest way of acquiring business. The success rate of cold advertising is agreed to be at best only 3 % but that 3 % can only be achieved if it is directed at the right target consumers. For instance (and my figures are not 100% accurate but are not that far out) if we assume that there are 200.000 timeshare users in the UK and it has a population of say 70 million, then the chances of making a random cold call to a timeshare user are around 350 to 1 so only one in three hundred and fifty calls will find a legitimate target and only around 3 out of a hundred legitimate targets would show any interest in the cold call product. Obviously random cold calling is just not viable in this instance. So the cold calling has to be targeted more accurately and this can only be achieved using data. The data protection act means that developers have a duty of care not to reveal any information about you to third parties, unless you give them express permission. This means that it is likely that your information is being taken from your accounts and sold on illegally. So however well these cold callers are alleged to perform. That performance is based on stolen data. So you put your faith in a dealer in stolen goods! How do they stay in business? Because of the failures of the Timeshare Industry to provide user friendly exit strategies the cold callers have, for some, become the only possible hope of release, so many users turn to them in desperation.

    One definition of Desperation is as follows:- The feeling that you have when you are in such a bad situation that you are willing to take risks in order to change it:

    The question arising is:- Why is an industry allowed to knowingly and actively encourage people to get themselves into such a state of desperation?