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Scammers using the EZE Group situation

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  • Scammers using the EZE Group situation

    As expected. The unsatisfactory ongoing situation around the closures of many EZE Group operations and the prosecution and pending sentencing of the directing minds therein has led to a number of scammers jumping on to what they see as a golden opportunity for them. Cold calls are now being reported around sums of monies purporting to be paid into various places in Europe which, consumers who have been scammed in the first instance by EZE, are supposedly entitled to a share of.

    It is to be noted. There are no monies lodged for consumers to claim anywhere in Europe. EZE Group Companies have not been taken to court in Europe and even if they were to be prosecuted and found guilty it would not be the case that the courts would set any monies aside for wronged consumers to claim. There has never ever been monies lodged with any Courts, Banks, Government Offices anywhere in Europe. So any such information that you receive to the contrary is and always will be a total scam.

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    Inside Timeshare has been receiving many enquiries about this, the companies are mainly UK based but a few have been from Spain. When researching the names, it has been found that they are using genuine companies as cover.



    Both have been contacted and informed, the last company as you will see from the article is dealing with it, after a long telephone conversation with the Managing Director who was very thankful for the information. They will be keeping Inside Timeshare updated.

    All people need to remember is that no court will employ or appoint a third party private company to contact victims, especially by phone or email.


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      Further news on companies contacting EZE Group customers claiming to be working with the courts. The latest is Money Advice Limited of Didsbury Manchester, for full details check the link.



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        More scammers being reported today on Inside Timeshare. "Working" the EZE group situation and promising to get the previously duped Leisure Club members to "Stand and Deliver" yet again.

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