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Have you ever been scammed ?

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  • Have you ever been scammed ?

    It must be difficult to post about being scammed.

    As we know there are millions of £s being lost annually to scammers and Timeshare Consumers are a big target as many are so desperate to escape from the liability of timeshares if they can no longer use them and yet still have to pay the maintenance fees every year. So they seek release from some source offering to end their misery for a 4 and sometimes 5 figure sum, only to find that the promises are just a lot of hot air and they have wasted more money. They feel stupid and silly and in hindsight they realise that they were foolishly clutching at straws. So what do they do? They hide their foolish act for fear of ridicule as they know that if they post on the internet some cruel comments on their foolishness will be made by some keyboard warrior or even the scammers who perpetrated the fraud as they know that shaming those they scammed will deter others from outing their activities and the post will quickly fade into the ethernet. Newly, desperate, potential targets will soon appear and so the cycle will go on. Cash rich Scammers may even threaten posters with action and the desperate will capitulate.

    One answer is to post on forums such as this where your real name in not necessary.

    We would also hope that the moderators on here would remove any counter posts that ridicule anyone who has been scammed.

    If we accept that forums such as this become infiltrated by unsavoury characters such as scammers then it also creates the possibility of rooting them out and banning them and their ISP addresses.

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    Further to the above post we would just like to reassure anyone posting that only the Admin and Moderators have the ability to see any IP address on the forums. It is not possible for any other members or guests to be able to gain access to anyones IP addresses from any posts on this site. For those who should distrust this information there is the option of downloading a VPN and using that to hide behind when logging on to this forum or any other forum.

    A virtual private network (VPN) is programming that creates a safe, encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the public internet. A VPN uses tunneling protocols to encrypt data at the sending end and decrypt it at the receiving end.

    So all can feel free to post away providing they adhere to the Terms and Conditions that we have placed on the site for your safety and enjoyment.