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Warning to owners on bogus lawyers

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  • Warning to owners on bogus lawyers

    Today Inside Timeshare has published another article on a series of fake law firms operating out of Tenerife. It highlights how it works and the various phases to this very sophisticated and elaborate scam. Inside Timeshare has been investigating and publishing warnings about them since September 2016, unfortunately they keep going, with people finding these articles too late, having already paid them. With the help of this forum, we might just bring it to wider attention. Follow the link to the latest article and use the search box to follow the complete story.


    Hopefully with your help we can stop others being conned.

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    Once again Inside Timeshare has posted new warnings on so called claims companies and fake law firms, a new name and website has come up for the Tenerife group of "lawyers". Modus operandi is the same as before. New lawyers names but same old photographs.


    Please beware.


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      This is certainly worth a read for some people who have been taken in by any of the Mark Rowe group of companies.
      New bona fide solicitors are said to have taken over the cases it seems. We shall have to wait and see if they are of any assistance.



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        More scam legal companies springing up around the Leisure Credits situation. EZE, Monster, and ABC Lawyers former customers being targeted.

        Also news that we have been expecting for some time.
        Anfi now seems to be near to imploding under the weight of court decisions that are going against them.
        The rumour is that bankruptcies may occur in the near future.



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          More news today from Inside Timeshare https://insidetimeshare.com/wednesda...t-in-the-news/ and this time it is centred around Marriots and the loss of a case in Spain which Marriots decided to appeal against and then decided there was no point and so paid the award.
          The above news is then followed by a totally unrelated piece about taking care if you are tempted to take any developer to court and be sure not to use any of the seemingly hundreds of scam companies that have sprung up. It ends with the following:-

          Do Your Homework You Have Nothing To Lose.

          With respect I think that it should read:-

          ​​​​​​​Do Your Homework Or You Have Everything To Lose!


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            More news of scammers springing up across the continent of Europe. Usually Spain but now Greece (as if the Greeks have not got enough trouble)
            Same old story ... They have monies at the courts waiting to be released to those who have been scammed by EZE, Monster, ABC, etc. They just need you to send them more money to release this funding. Yeah right!!
            We have to hope that all this good research being done and news being posted two or three times a week by Inside Timeshare does save some people from being scammed.

            Keep up the good work Charles.

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