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Pestered by phonecalls from Chester

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  • Pestered by phonecalls from Chester

    I am currently being pestered by phone calls emminating supposedly from a Chester number. Sometimes they are silent sometimes they are from a telesales trying to entice me to make a claim for mis selling of my timeshare. They tell me I have a claim when they do not even know what timeshares I hold or where I purchased them. If I purchased in Spain then I indeed may have a claim. If I purchased in the UK then currently there is no solid evidence that I would have a claim. So in the first instance the people ringing from 01244456748 do not know what they are talking about but are just trawling via cold calls for business for which their fees are a whopping 40% of what consumers would receive were they to be successful. However these cold calls from this number are so persistent that they amount to harassment. When you ring the number back an automatic voice tells you that the number is not accepting calls. Surprise Surprise. So should you get calls from the number ending 748 just ignore them and hope that someone closes their lines down and forces them to get proper jobs that do not annoy people.

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    I get a few of these calls but with a Plymouth number. Not about Timeshare but PPI claims, they are based in India and have rented a few numbers and route the calls through them. I suppose they rent them throughout the country trying to make it look local!

    40% fee not bad if someone falls for it!