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Sales and Commission

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  • Sales and Commission

    Used Cars,Timeshare, Mobile Phones, Broadband, Gas, Electricity. TV Systems, Vaccums.... all manner of things. You are not sold what is best for you. You are sold what is best for them... The Salespeople. It`s call commission.
    With timeshares you will be advised that it is best to purchase only from the developer (so sales can "earn" it`s commission). This is absolute nonsense as whatever timeshare you buy from anybody including the developer is encompassed in a contract. With the developer it is a new contract. From elsewhere it is an existing contract with all its accrued benefits. The main difference between purchasing from "elsewhere" as opposed to from a developer is that "elsewhere" does not require you to pay the commission of a salesman.

    With the coming of the annual maintenance fees comes the cold callers advising you that you have been mis sold and that they can seek retribution for you and get you your money back etc. In the UK I very much doubt that they can effectively get anything back for you under the present legislation but they can try and typically I took one such a call today and so I allowed them to "upsell" their services to me. It turned out that their "commission" for that is what it was, amounted to 40% of any monies recovered. I did not let "Matthew" get any further but had I done so there would no doubt have been an upfront fee only recoverable in the event of their success, so they could not lose no matter what. £10, 000 equals £6,000 for me and £4,000 for him and he thought he was offering me a good deal. This is the level of commissions which encourage sales to tell people anything in order to get the consumers to sign.