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Being Scammed (part 2)

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  • Being Scammed (part 2)

    Scammers and Cold Callers - Who can you trust?
    We read about cold callers and how it is best to stay clear of them. This is advice sent down from many different quarters including many well established organisations including the FCA. Why is it so misleading as cold calling in itself is not illegal?

    In timeshare matters it boils down to how the companies making those cold calls come by the information that leads to them contacting you?

    The data protection laws suggest that they should not have access to your details. So those who have your data must have come by them via other than authentic means. How then, can you place your trust in someone who is prepared to stoop to underhand methods in order to contact you?

    We must understand that every cold call that you ever get is designed to sell you something. It may be goods or services but make no mistake they are selling you something and whilst they may talk about the benefits to you. It is just "Another Presentation" they are there to benefit themselves. You are simply the platform from which they will take their profits and you can be sure that there will be no customer loyalty and once they have their profit they will be off like a shot.

    You may inadvertently be responsible for some of the cold calls you receive!!

    Have you ever been to a presentation?
    Have you ever expressed a wish to get out of timeshare?
    Have you ever complained about poor customer services to someone on the inside of timeshare?
    Have you ever tried to advertise your timeshare for sale?

    If you answer yes to any of the above questions then you begin to understand why you are pestered with cold calls.

    I once refused to go to an update on my timeshare product. The person inviting me was most persistent and I had to speak very strongly to them in order to prevent being harrassed further during our holiday. On our return home I began to receive numerous phone calls from a variety of cold callers who believed I was unhappy with my timeshare. That is how easy it is to give an impression and for the word to get out.

    The selling and exchanging of personal information is big business and even the Charities pass information on about people who send them donations. (If you are a regular donor to some charities it is considered that you may well be prepared to donate to others.) You have become "a soft touch" and thus there is a better than average chance of exploiting you. If legitimate and upstanding charitable organisations are prepared to go to these lengths then it stands to reason that the cold callers will go to even greater lengths to get hold of your hard earned cash.

    Our next Guide on this subject will be centred on who these cold callers are. What they are peddling and how they not only come into existence but how they survive and prosper.