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Being Scammed (part 3)

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  • Being Scammed (part 3)

    In this guide we explore who these scammers are likely to be. What they do and how to deal with them.

    If you are expecting a list of names then you will be disappointed.
    Until the wheels of justice turn on these people and they are made accountable for their actions by the law enforcement agencies then we are unable to name names. We have seen what happens when organisations get it wrong and falsely accuse people of indulging in practices when they are not doing so. In conclusion, if and when actions are taken and people are proved guilty in the law courts we and others will be fully reporting on these in our News Forum.

    To make things clear. Cold Calling is not illegal. It is however, particularly in and around the timeshare industry, a huge warning sign that a cold caller is possibly but not inevitably a scammer. The first question you must ask yourself is how they come to have your telepone number and some details such as the developer that you use? (All developers are subject to the data protection act and as such cannot pass your details on to third parties.)

    You can of course ask the callers. Some may say that they are part of the developer company. Some may say that there is a directory of timeshare users. Some may come up with some other seemingly plausible reason for having your details. Make no mistake! Whatever they come up with, in this respect, it is a pack of lies. So a great starting point! Lets spend money with someone who has just told us a pack of lies!

    If you have been to a timeshare presentation you will know how the timeshare "presenters" work. They have access to all your details in order that they can use the correct "selling pitch" for your situation. So it is very easy for them to copy your details onto a portable small device such as a USB stick and then sell those details on. This is where the cold callers then come in.

    Having established the above. What can you do to protect yourselves from these cold callers and possible scammers? The first thing is obviously to just put the phone down on them. Or you could tell them that you no longer own timeshare. Or you could ask them for some details ie. Their company name and address.... If you know who they are then you can do some research on them.... Research ??
    "What are they on about here" you may be now asking! Well if you are reading this, you have internet access. So use it!! Look before you leap! If you are tempted to get out of timeshare because it has become a problem for you. Do not throw good money at it! That would be just like a gambler chasing his losses.

    Some of you may now think that we are expecting you to put some real effort into doing some research? So lets allay those fears right now.

    How many scammers work is by enticing you into a situation whereby you are susceptible to what is called a "bait and switch" operation. This entails selling you an alternative product to timeshare, with the suggestion that it is better than your timeshare and if you sign up (for a few thousand pounds) they, the scammers, will rid you of your timeshare at the same time. Some even suggest that if you do not make use of their alternative product for a period of time then it will substantially increase in value and will be easy to sell as it will be much sought after by others. By not using it you do not find out that in reality it is of little or no value whatsoever and unsaleable. These practices are having a huge impact on timeshare not just financially but they are impacting on the credibility of timeshare which already has self inflicted credibility issues through it failure to update its practices to meet modern needs.
    So what has timeshare done about this that is going to make your research easier?

    The Developers have charged KwikChex with fighting these scammers on their and your behalf. http://kwikchex.com/consumers/ or https://timesharetaskforce.org/ So your research is now made easy for you . Simply click on either of the above, as somebody is already doing all the hard research for you.
    The Team