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Is normality slowly being restored?

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  • Is normality slowly being restored?

    After what seems a long time with little activity are we finally seeing signs of an awakening with a flurry of posts and a bit of news in recent days?
    For myself, I have found little to get excited about for some time now given that I have had a problem with my health for the last couple of years. I am much improved though and looking forward to the next few months when hopefully,and finally we will see an end to the Brexit squabbling. Whether we were for staying in or getting out of Europe I am sure that most of us are heartily sick of the whole thing.

    I have not yet updated my reading of the CEOs blogs on the RDO site so I cannot comment on how they have panned out since it became inevitable after the landslide win in the last election that we were indeed going to leave the EU. As a former official in the European Commission it came as no surprise that his blogs over the last 3 years have been heavily weighted in favour of Britain remaining in the clutches of the said Commission. It will be interesting no doubt to catch up on his blogs in order to see how he sees things moving forward.

    It does look like I will have a bit of work to do with regards to other forums and sites as there seems to have been a bit of shifting of positions going on.

    We do seem to have been lucky in that the timeshare industry in the UK has remained relatively quiet during our inactivity. Irene Parker no longer contributes to Inside Timeshare but as the contributions were centered around the United States it has not impacted upon our timeshare situations here in the UK and Europe.
    Timesharetalk seems to be populated with those who mainly use it as an advertising platform and The Timeshare Consumer Association seems to be no longer pretending that it is a consumer led organisation and appears to be basically touting for the get you out of timeshare business as on entering you are immediately invited to chat with someone.

    I understand that Charlie 1 has also been in poor health for quite some time but like me he seems to be through the worst of it now so we may well be having more of his thought provoking posts in the future.

    So onwards and upwards we can now hopefully go although, I am afraid, that we must put up with more squabbling between the UK and EU Politicians between now and the 31st of December if not longer.

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    Don`t waste your time reading the RDO chief execs blogs. He has had nothing useful to say since Brexit became inevitable so he seems to have thrown the teddy out and stopped writing them. Oh! He has written about how the latest jolly, called a conference, went along, claiming it to be a great success even though it appears to have achieved the usual diddly squat,as nothing positive has come about as a result of this so called success.