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An Industry Progressing??

This is a sticky topic.
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  • An Industry Progressing??

    In here we will post news of progress being made as and when the industry reforms and begins to create new initiatives.

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    I don't think there will be any postings on this topic if it was about how create new initiatives to get money out of us it would be filled


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      Lol I agree Lawnmower but there are some progressive positive changes taking place with some thinking companies. Some are stuck in survival mode and that stifles growth when your not solution conscious and of course we have those that are planning on 'how can I fill my pockets up even more with another shinny scheme!

      I will update in this section in the next few weeks those that are embracing the future.


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        There are two question marks behind the subject header as I too am somewhat sceptical as to whether the industry has the will to change and create new initiatives. Consumer pressure can bring about change but that pressure has to be strong and persistent and without a real voice acting on behalf of consumers it is doubly hard but "from little acorns"

        The internet has given the industry a major wake up call but it does not seem to know how to respond to it at the moment.


        • Charlie1
          Charlie1 commented
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          Sadly, the industry generally has not responded to consumers’ needs as consumers have been shouting long enough for change. I believe transformation will be slow as there as yet is no one able to make an impact to bring this about .

          Even those companies that are hiding under a tin hat that want to adapt to the current climate are either clueless on how to take the right steps or just don't have the resources. They are not solution conscious as there’s always a way! I challenge any resort to come on here with an open mind that wish to move forward positively (in confidence) we would show them what steps to take.

          As an example in one area we put forward a solution to the EU that could be personalised to overcome the industry’s biggest challenge EXITING your timeshare and how to adapt this into a positive! Resolve exiting and the industry will start to see new members! We also had a plan how to introduce exiting so it imposed little threat to the pro- active resort and how to market for new members relative to their resort.

          Change will start to come - but I believe it will be from those companies that take the first steps and they start to attract consumers. Only then will some companies raise their heads from under their tin hat not wishing to miss out and that might force change.
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        Originally posted by Charlie1 View Post
        I will update in this section in the next few weeks those that are embracing the future.
        *I hope not Charlie 1... There is a section provided for those developers. It`s called Good Guys. lol


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          I think that the RDO spin doctor himself Paul Bougaard indicated industry initiatives recently on the Victoria Derbyshire program on BBC 2.
          Not sure that consumers would necessarily consider them as initiatives though?


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            Originally posted by mavo View Post

            *I hope not Charlie 1... There is a section provided for those developers. It`s called Good Guys. lol
            Hi Mavo I know where your coming from - for clarity I will be placing them of course in the Good Guys when new changes have taken place. If its a new company I will wait some time so they can iron out some of the bumps along the way.

            But it's important to show progress is taking place and keep this section updated otherwise as Lawnmower said its going to be a little quite on here. I am pleased to say that there is some encouraging signs ;-)


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              Not many posts on here yet but it is only 3 years since it started.
              Doesn`t Talking the Talk take a long time?


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                Not half as long as Walking the Walk


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                  I think Talking theTalk entails much deliberation over what to do and actually agreeing a strategy. As it seems to be taking so long one would think that in the end it will be so well thought out that Walking the Walk would be a bit of a breeze that would take no time at all.


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                    Excuse me if I do not hold my breath it needs a gale force wind to get any change