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Another scammer jailed ... With more to come?

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  • Another scammer jailed ... With more to come?

    Francis (Frank) Madden has now been sentenced to over 3 years in prison (40 months) for fraudulent trading centered around the timeshare industry. There may be others involved with him in this escapade who may also be given time inside HMP.

    Other cases are in the Justices pipeline with current court activities.

    With another number of companies and people under police investigation regarding the loss to many people of many many thousands of pounds (said to be collectively as much as tens of millions.) The authorities seem to be getting very active with regards to frauds being perpetrated against what are mainly elderly and desperate timeshare users.

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    Claire Garland who was involved in the "business" being run by Madden was given a conditional discharge lasting 12 months. This discharge will have been completed by the time Madden is released in around 18 months. So they will both be free to start again. I wonder what they will start!!