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Metric or Imperial?

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  • Metric or Imperial?

    After we are finally out of the EU could we return to the Imperial Measurements Table?
    In some instances have we ever completely dropped imperial measurements?
    Do we still relate our own weight in Stones and Pounds?
    Do we still shop for sliced meats or other products at the deli or butchers by asking for a quarter of this or a half lb of that?
    Do we still measure in feet and inches. ie I am over 6 ft or a 36 inch waist. 29" or 31" inside leg etc.

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    After all the years we have been metric centimetres & millimetres they don't mean anything to my brain say 6 inches or a yard and I can visualise what it is the same with litres & pints also kilograms and pounds and when I went to school as I say to my children I had to do maths in two ways pound shilling and pence and decimal this was nightmare at least I found that decimals were easier to add up but we had to go to twelve not ten like now.Adding up multiplying and division in pound shilling and pence were a nightmare and when it came to fractions I just gave up


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      Yes. I still tend to convert to imperial in my head. I put 15 litres in the car and think of it as 3 gallon. 300 mills becomes about a foot but the big and frightening realisation comes when you buy something like a packet of crisps and convert it to 7 of 8 bob in pre decimal times. Now that`s inflation !!
      We do seem to mix and match here in Britain between Imperial and Metric. Shoe sizes is another anomaly both here and in Europe. Size 9 is a 42/43 in Europe .... 9 what ? or 4/43 what? neither seem to relate to metric or imperial. They sell us Brits pints abroad but they are not pints they are half litres which is less than a pint. Yet they are allowed to advertise them as pints.
      Mens clothes seem to be measured in inches here in Britain but Womens clothes are measured in numbers. Size 6,8,10,12,14,16.
      Where have all the size 7s,9s,11s,13s gone ? Dont women in those sizes exist any more?


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        Once the Brexit thing is sorted out and this current dreadful situation with the virus becomes more manageable I do wonder what will change.
        Two situations that, for sure, will impact upon our lives in the future. There is no doubt that they will both have some impact but the big question is how?