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Customer Services. Food for Thought?

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  • Customer Services. Food for Thought?

    What can be defined as Customer Services ?

    To my mind anything that others deliver to you can be defines as delivering Customer Services.

    So let”s start at the very top for us in the UK.

    Once upon a time.

    We joined a common market. Great! ..Strength in numbers. Trading power between neighbours etc. etc. Then Whallop! Somebody moved the goalposts. We are no longer in the Common Market but part of a European Union. A Union which is governed by basically what are unelected bureaucrats working out of Brussels in that most exciting of countries to visit Belgium!!

    Now here is where our Mods can split this topic and have a lively debate between Brexiteers and Remainers.

    So now we can come down the ladder somewhat. Our UK Government is responsible for delivering what they set out in their manifesto. It is what they were elected for. The promises of their manifesto are what they were elected on. Should they fail to deliver on those promises they then fail on their Customer Services and we can do something about it at the next election.

    Down the ladder further we now begin to understand that ultimately all Governments, Organizations, Companies, Developers rely on Customer Services to enable them to remain in control and progress without hindrance. This progress can only come about with the will of their customers. That! Readers. Is to my mind, what Customer Service boils down to.

    Please feel free to add your comments. I will be elaborating further on this topic from time to time.

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    With the news of a Class Action being filed against DRI in Vegas I think that this illustrates my point. Fail your customers with poor service and they will seek options. Some will vote with their feet. Others if they believe that they have been deliberately led up the garden path will find other ways to hit back. So we are beginning to see the fruits of delivering poor customer service. I do hope that this leads to something other than a long protracted case with hefty fines which at the end of the day will be funneled back to their customers.
    I sincerely hope that it leads to a change of policy throughout the industry leading to the end of the road for timeshare systems which simply treat the consumer as a cash cow and it results in the remaining big developers finally delivering customer service.


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      I do see a number of topics and even numerous anecdotes around customer service being posted up on here. It seems to be not just timeshare that suffers from poor customer service. It seems that greed and the corporate scramble for our money is at the root of every example of customer service failures. We have to get out of our British habit of just shrugging at it and getting on with it as being a part of our lives that we must put up with. We should shout loudly and complain when we get let down by customer services. We have the internet .We can plaster bad service all over it. Then perhaps the businesses who let us down with their bad service will think twice if we begin to out their rubbish performances.


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        A further opportunity now arises to add more to this topic.

        Court cases against Timeshare Companies in Spain, of which there are many, all seem to be going in favour of the consumer but the developers are all missing the root cause. Corporate failure to address consumer concerns. This has resulted in a complete lack of confidence in Developers by many timeshare users. The only redress, when the Developer fails to meet the consumers expectations is to vote with their feet and exit. Trying to leave timeshare is not easy as many have found out so they resort to the courts. Failure of customer services will never breed loyalty and so many people who may have had great holidays and value for many years from their timeshare have no qualms other than to treat the developer how they feel that the developer has been treating them in their quest to exit.

        ** * I see that both CLC and Diamond are now said to have lost cases in Spain where their defense was that they do not come under Spanish Law because they are UK registered Limited Companies.
        High Courts and Courts of First Instance did not agree and found for the consumers.

        Would the cases have been in front of the courts if the consumers had not felt badly treated?
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