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  • Internet Influence

    It never fails to amaze me when it is highlighted somewhere that despite the fact that the internet as a media as been gathering momentum and influence for over 20 years. Still there are so many Companies, Institutions, Bankers, etc. even Governments that have not yet recognised its power and influence to eventually bring about change. They all discuss it but are unable to effectively work with it. This is so true of the timeshare industry who will, I fear, be one of the first industries to fail, unless they address their historical and continuing inadequacies with regards to growth, customer service and aftercare.

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    Timeshare is very frustrating because steps can be made to put this right. Every Developer can personalise and go at their own pace to move this forward. We have been talking about this for years!! Not just talking we have put up working solutions!
    Sadly timeshare has become more complicated for the average timeshare owner that goes beyond a traditional weeks ownership. There are various points systems and flexi-week's that the average owner needs to take time out to 'study' the system.
    Then they cant sell their weeks if their lifestyle changes - contrary to what was said at point of sell with most sales people. Then generally those that want to sell get scammed or go on to list their product with a Resale Companies - that just again list their timeshare product on a website with sometimes hundreds of other weeks from that same timeshare company?? No wonder few sells take place! Generally timeshare marketers have got lazy and are still working off the eighties model of selling.
    There are timeshare owners that are confused where to go to seek advice as there are so many agendas out there. It does not have to be this way as timeshare is a great concept. There is nothing wrong in making profit its not a rude word! But we have to work back from the consumers receiving value and then we can put a wrapper of profit around their business.


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      There are obviously some clever minds out there in and around the timeshare industry, as can be seen by the many fringe timeshare scams that take place and also the cleverly constructed plausibility which is created by the reps as inducements to buy or to buy more. It is a shame that those minds cannot be put to getting it right as opposed to getting it so horribly wrong and for so long.
      Great product so badly sold at the front end and so badly managed with regards to its continuing delivery.