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Can a Leopard change its spots.

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  • Can a Leopard change its spots.

    Whilst we note that some former salesmen are now creating secondary, profitable businesses by reinventing themselves as organizations who can get your money back from mis sold timeshares, etc. There are others who are preying on the timeshare members yet again with their dodgy reselling sites and their nasty "we will get you released," for a huge fee, cold calling set ups.
    Ok most of us can avoid a lot of this but what we cannot avoid is industry change taking place such as we see in certain developers where the changes are made that are yet again disadvantaging their members and forcing them into even more onerous contracts by changing their constitutions.
    Changes are needed but they have to be balanced towards the consumers if timeshare is to repair the damage it has done to itself.
    The salesmen. We can do nothing about as consumers, other than report financial abuse to Action Fraud or The Trading Standards. They are not overly bothered about the reputation that they and some developers are responsible for creating as this is their last scam. "They intend to make enough money out of this one to retire." They never do make enough however as they waste it away on living the high life and so move on to another scam.
    The developers are companies that we can do something about by banding together and lobbying authorities to act against what can only be seen as bad practices in the timeshare industry. These developers may be large but they are in a minority and they are bringing further ruin on the already poor reputation of the industry. So we can give these selfish developers maximum negative publicity whenever we hear of events or constitutional changes. It matters not whether it is deemed as being within the law. Timeshare is very much a service industry and as such it is not always about the law it is about the spirit and goodwill that is required to uphold reputations in this service industry.

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    Theres every opportunity for a leopard to change its spots! Common sense you would think would prevail and timeshare companies should see the writing on the wall for those that are stuck on ground hog day.
    We are more than happy to promote a leopard that over time has proven to have changed its spots. There are more than enough ideas and ways that transitions could take place. There will be a guide to follow on this soon.


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      the problem that many former salespeople have is that their former reputations will follow them wherever they turn up next and such is the rivalry of "business" that their perceived competitors will and are only too happy to remind everyone of their past.
      Then of course it becomes a tit for tat slanging match with each trying to use the others reputation against them.
      It makes you wonder sometimes if the efforts channelled into slagging off the opposition may have been put to better use by just doing the simple thing and keeping their organisational efforts honest and open and offering services that were value for money to the people they purport to help.
      Is that too much to expect?


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        While there is nothing in any of the posts that i could disagree with I cannot help but think that until the developers get back to basics and start thinking how to provide the service that there members need nothing will change. There is on any development a time when they have sold everything . but there will always be members who for one reason or another wish to move on. If the developers put more effort into helping them instead of saying we have got you and we are keeping you no matter what. If they started helping to sell for existing timeshare owners the little effort involved would help to restore there poor reputation and give them a market with a constant flow of happy customers with a more cost effective operation and there would be less bad press for the industry. I await with great anticipation for a leopard with stripes
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          The problems to developers selling second hand timeshare are many, I am afraid and to point out just a few.

          They would be selling a secondary product against their own primary product at a price that they could not possibly compete with.
          They would only, realistically be able to sell to people who trusted them and given their track record over the last 20 years at least, then people who trust them would be in short supply, we have to suspect.

          They would be selling through salesmen whose commissions would be small as opposed to the commission from a primary sale. Therefore where would be the sales incentive?

          Lastly, a question. Would you rather buy a second hand timeshare from an individual or the current crop of resellers or a developer?

          I know what my answer to the last question is.


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            Originally posted by KEITH HURST
            i would accept all of your comments if you can give me a acceptable response to the following questions
            How many people in the uk are trying to sell
            what percentage will be able to sell in the next 12 months
            Will this ever reach an acceptable level
            Were can they find a resale agent that the can feel conferdent with
            Until everyone can be happy with this every option will be tried and more and more people will be scamed I would also ask you to read my post again starting from There a time in every development.
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              Ignoring owners that wished to sell for whatever reason was gross incompetence at many levels by those Developers that ignored their loyal owners so they could generate new sells. I mentioned many years ago that developers could have had their cake with a cherry on top and they would not have lost millions to the Resale companies and Scam Companies would not have taken advantage of their loyal members! What about their reputation and that of timeshare in general!

              If they had simply told the owners that wanted to sell this could only be done in house and we guarantee say 50% back to you the owners. I believe the owners would have been happy with that as a back-up - if a family member or friend did not want their product.

              So how could this have worked?

              Those timeshare members that had a requirement to sell their weeks could only do so through existing members. As a reward to loyal existing members these 'second hand' products would be offered out at 70% of normal rack rate. Then weeks purchased by existing members could literally be purchased through admin staff. The developer could have kept 20%

              So the owner buying would have saved 30% on their next purchase. The existing owner would have made 50% and the Developer 20%. The percentages are all theory but the concept could have been refined and worked for most developers especially the bigger developers.

              Initially it might not have appealed but could it have stopped Resale Companies, Scam Companies and timeshare owners feeling that they had some type of support. Would it of helped maintain the value of their timeshare resort? Yes it would!!

              How do I know that? Because that's what Hapimag timeshare group have been doing and they have not had a complaint that I have noticed and they have been around in timeshare for over 50 years!

              What now??

              Developers I bet wish they could turn back the clock. That opportunity is long gone for existing developers!

              The best opportunity for those that want to take advantage of timeshare should consider buying direct from existing owners in most cases in my opinion.


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                Originally posted by KEITH HURST View Post
                Until everyone can be happy with this every option will be tried and more and more people will be scamed
                Hi Keith that's impossible to say how many people in the UK want to sell.
                1) A high percentage of those members would have been scare-mongered into thinking it was in their interests to sell. They would have done their best to highlight all the negatives of timeshare.
                2) Most were never educated on best use of timeshare.

                How many will be able to sell in the next 12 months? Who knows but it will be low as the developers contributed to the poor press. However based on how most Resale Companies promote the secondary market its going to be a low percentage.

                Will this ever reach an acceptable level as things stand now - no

                Where can they find a resale company they feel confident with? Ask all the people listed on their Resale lists. Ask can I have contact details of those that have sold.


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                  Hi Charlie1
                  this posting should not ONLY be on this site it should be on the front page of all the Sunday Papers
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                    The simple fact is that as timeshare adjusts itself to the reality of the situation it has created for itself then the key element of future progress can be summed up very easily. It is one simple sentence. Have we, as consumers, got confidence in those we are dealing with.


                    • KEITH HURST
                      KEITH HURST commented
                      Editing a comment
                      The only response can be a resounding no but HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL and we must keep chipping away

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                    Keith Hurst - The only response can be a resounding no but HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL and we must keep chipping away.

                    Were chipping away Keith as this is not going away and neither are we