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The purpose behind our Guides.

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  • The purpose behind our Guides.

    It is the intention of our guides to promote best practices in the use of timeshare products by consumers.
    Some were sold timeshare as an investment and wrongly believed that what they purchased would increase in value over time. It is not however an investment in the sense of a monetary accrual investment. It is an investment in quality holidays for those who it suits and who learn how best to use it. Motor vehicles are an investment but the investment is in making family life easier for those who purchase vehicles for leisure purposes and for shopping and taking the kids to school, dance classes, swimming, football etc. "The Taxi of Dad" will never increase in value and annual maintenance fees are payable too such as the servicing, MOT, Road Tax, not forgetting the regular stops in the forecourt of the garages.
    So we must treat timeshare as an investment in our holidays and learn to drive it economically by learning how to press all the available switches and pedals that make the good things happen. Ensuring that we book early to avoid disappointment. Using suitable Exchange Companies effectively by seeking out the ones offering best value in areas of the world that you wish to travel to.... Taking advantages of Bonus Weeks and cost effective weekend breaks and keeping your eyes opened for those special offers from your developer, like the from time to time, 75% off points offers which are great if you are able to take advantage of them. These are the things you need to do to make your investment in holiday time work for you.
    Read the guides they are there for your benefit and if you are struggling to understand any systems then do not hesitate to ask. It is what the main purpose of this site is all about.